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These are items we wish we had to make things easier for daily care of the rescued horses...


**7or 7.6ft. tall - 16 ft. long or larger, straight load stock trailer in decent condition, to pick up emergency rescues.

*Skid loader with bucket

*4 Large 24x24 Run in Sheds for pastures

*12x20 garage in a box from Tractor Supply


*Clean Good Hay for the horses to eat (Square or Round bales)


large Solar Fence Chargers

T-Post - 2" Polytape or 1/4" Rope Insulator


7 ft. T-Post

Welded Wire Fencing- 72 in. x 100 ft.

4x4x8 or 16ft.  Wooden post

1x6x8 or 16ft. Lumber

Pasture Barn/Shelter Building Materials:

6x6x16 post

2x8x8 or 16ft. Lumber

2x4x8 or 16ft. Lumber

T1-11- 4  x 8

Rubber stall mats