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In some cases, finding a horse a forever family can take several years and Some horses may never find a new home.  These horses will then join our Sanctuary Community and live out their precious lives in our care.

Any horse can be expensive to maintain, especially one with special needs, so some of our horses will have multiple sponsors. We encourage you to visit, bringing horse treats to your sponsored horse anytime by appointment,  come out and groom him/her and show a lot of love to the horse that you have chosen.

Sponsoring at Iron Gait PercheronsYou can personally monthly sponsor any needing horse specifically, or use it towards the Auction Fee's for saving unfortunate horses lives from slaughter.  Also, just make a monthly contribution towards the everyday care & needs for all of the Rescued Horses.

*Our Thank You to you ; your name/state will be acknowledged on our Sponsor page.

*Any monthly sponsorship of $100 or more contribution by a Company, be it materials, labor, or monetary, helping us greatly in reaching our goal, as a Sponsor Recognition to help advertise for your Company, we will gladly add your banner & link to our Website & also our promotional T-Shirts.

Upon your donation,  Please review OUR WISHLIST to see items and services needed, you can then tell us where you would like to direct the funds.

501(c)3 , Your Donations ARE tax deductible. We can provide receipt needed upon request.

*Sponsor a pasture by purchasing a shelter for the horses at $500.00

You will receive a photo of the shelter , the herd and have a wooden plaque placed on the barn in your name*

You can choose to SUBSCRIBE to automatically have reoccurring monthly payments by clicking on the specific buttons below.

Program Contribution Level Specific Use of Funds? (click button to start)
EASY $1.00 per month
NICKEL $5.00 per month
COPPER $10.00 per month
BRASS $20.00 per month
IRON $30.00 per month
BRONZE $50.00 per month
Sponsor a horse for shots and coggins
$100.00 per month
Sponsor a Pasture
$300.00 per month

Sponsor a barn

$500.00 per month

Cancel at anytime by clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE button below.



If you prefer to send us a check with the name of the horse who you have selected instead of other methods of payment

Please CONTACT US for further information and/or any questions

Thank You for becoming a sponsor.