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~April 18th 2011 to present date~
181 horses helped by IGP
132 Horses adopted into loving new homes
35 Sanctuary Horses due to special conditions
This is not including all of the horses that IGP helped through Community Outreach;

when Horse Owners across the USA needed medical
or Nutritional help through out the years.

We are EXTREMELY PROUD of our TEAM IGP existing of Friends, Donors,
Sponsors, Volunteers, Farriers, Trainers and Veterinary Doctors
Together we have made ALL of this possible in helping all of these needing horses.
In which without all of you, none of this would have been possible.

Thank you everyone for your continued support IGP can not do this with out you.
Please help us continue helping the horses by Monthly Sponsoring or Donations of any kind.
All donations can be 501 Tax Deductible


Please Donate and Help us Help the Horses!


We CAN NOT do what we do, without YOU...the help of the public.
Donating or Sponsoring is super easy and it only takes a small amount to help.
Without your donation, we cannot continue to operate and help the many needing horses that truly need our help.

There is no one here at Iron Gait that receives a paycheck; we are all volunteers to the horses. 100% of all the funds go directly to the cost to properly care for the new arrivals,  horses waiting to be adopted, along with the sanctuary horses that require daily supplements and/or medical attention.

Protein Tub at Iron Gait Percherons

Calf Manna
Rice Bran Pellets
20% protein tubs
Weight Builder
Cocoa Soya

Red Cell Supplement
Large Flake bales of Shavings
Ivermectin or Pyrantel Wormers

You can Stop by (please call for an appointment) with a donation and visit the horses...
For feed donations we use Tucker Milling products Triple Crown and Purina products...

Current feeds used:

Dumor Senior
Purina Senior
as well as occasionally;

TM Solutions Total
Purina Amplify

Triple Crown Senior
Triple Crown Low Starch
Triple Crown 30% Equine Supplement

*For our wonderful Veterinarian Team at ....

Horner & Nash Dvm PC
255 McGarity Road,
Canton, GA 30115
(770) 475-6421



Equine Medical Associates
762 Roper Rd ,
Canton, Georgia 30115
(770) 928-4400

Currently our Veterinary bill is outstanding due to new horses coming in with much needed medical needs.
You can also Stop by (please call for an appointment) with your donation and visit the horses while you are here...
or mail a check to the address listed below:

Iron Gait Percherons, Inc.
114 Hancock Mountain Trail
Waleska, Ga. 30183
(770) 796-2598

Hay Fund at Iron Gait Percherons


Please help by Donating or Sponsoring to help this cost.
Or by stopping by the farm with a load of hay.
We can desperately use horse quality SQUARE and ROUND BALES at this time
We go through over 120  Sq. per week
17-20 Round bales per week
Please help if you can









~Sanctuary Horses~



~Junior Cong~

is a 19+ hand Percheron gelding that came from Michigan Humane Society of Huron Valley
Since Juniors arrival he has had extensive on going medical care and surgery on his road to
recovery with the generosity of his Supporters and Sponsors. Although he will not 100% recover, Junior will still continue under Veterinary and Farrier care.



Friesian mare- 10 yrs. old and  approx. 16.1 hands

She was saved from an auction where she was in a kill pen heading for slaughter.Severe quarter crack on front foot,
marks on forehead that looked like 2x4 beating. Due to her on going medical issues she will remain here at Iron Gait.
Please consider Sponsoring Dream to help her with her on going needs.



Percheron mare - 6 yrs. old and approx. 18 + hands
Due to previous owner having medical issues. 
I promised her owner that she will remain here at Iron Gait as a part of our Community,
so that previous owner can be assured that she would have a safe life.  She used in events to promote IGP
as well as Educate the public on rescue awareness

Please consider Sponsoring Blue with her daily cost of living.


~Smokin' Jack Horne~

10 yr. old Percheron Gelding
Brought to us for sanctuary. Jack is used in events to promote IGP
as well as Educate the public on rescue awareness


~Sir George~

George came to us as an owner surrender to secure his safety.
He has a medical issue called "roaring", it is an issue in his wind pipe.
During his stay here he is used in events to promote IGP as well as Educate the public on rescue awareness



Percheron mare - 7yrs. old about 17 hands.
Owner has requested that Miriah stay here at Iron Gait as a part of our Community.
Scared to death of people due to prior abuse that happened 4 years ago. I will be working with her daily to try to regain her trust in humans. Hopefully I can do this
>>>prior to her rescue 4 yrs. ago off of a slaughter truck by a great lady, she was beaten
with a baseball bat in the head by the man that had her and went through a barbed wire fence while the guy was handling her
and for her correction of that, the guy tied her to a training post so that she could not move & cleaned her wounds by scraping them out with a pocket knife daily. Miriah is under going extensive psychiatric therapy.

Please consider Sponsoring Miriah with her daily cost of living as we continue to work on her trust of mankind.


~Easter "Lilly"~

Reg. Percheron Mare - 10 yrs. old and approx. 16+ hands-
Lilly is a very quiet and loving mare, loves to be brushed and handled and her water hose.
She has on going lameness issues and going through farrier treatment for her feet.
Due to her on and off again lameness she will be retired here at Iron Gait.

Please consider Sponsoring this VERY special horse!



Snick is a gorgeous, loveable boy that will stay with us due to his medical reasons.
Recently he has been diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease.



Percheron mare 30ish yrs. old
VERY sweet, gentle, quiet lovable girls
Have been together for 20 years as a working team, now retired and for pasture ornaments only.
Inseparable walk, eat, sleep and do everything together.
Lena has COPD and requires special medicine to help her breathe as well as has severe arthritis in her hocks  needing our assistance to stand back up when she lays down to rest at times.
She is in daily Rehabilitation to help her with the medical needs


~King Vortigern~

Vort came to us from his owner asking us to help him medically.
He has severe spring time allergies that requires daily medication
and ointments also requiring frequent medical attention during this period.
In his good season he is Lena's companion and
used in events to promote IGP as well as Educate the public on rescue awareness










~JJ Razor~



Chevy came to us for medical attention that he needed so badly. He has 2 fusing bones in both of his fetlocks.
He has had a couple injections to comfort his pain during this transition.  When he arrived he would hobble when he walked
now on his current medication, he now walks, trots and occasionally canters wonderfully not showing any symptoms.
He is companion to Jesse



Jesse is a wonderful loving mare that will live out the rest of her days here at IGP,
as she begins her treatment for Stringhalt
(uncontrollable exaggerated movement of the digital extensor muscles is the outward
sign of neurological disease, sometimes caused by toxicity, sometimes of unknown origin.)






~Whinny the Pooh~






~Sanctuary Donkeys~

We helped all of these Donkey when they were in need, Now they help all of our smaller, Crippled and Elder horses by being their guardians in the pastures to keep the horses safe from coyotes and other wild animals.



~Mr. Jingles~