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Please open your heart and send a gift to help us help these poor horses to a speedy recovery. Since we are a New Non- Profit Corporation Rescue revenue is very limited .
Our efforts to save & the cost of daily upkeep of any horse(s) rely solely on donations, sponsors & adoption fees. Every little bit counts. Please help us towards their on going needs.

We are in desperate need of Donations & encouraging monthly Sponsors for  all of these horses daily care and monthly expenses.
We can provide receipt needed upon request.
Each horse can have multiple Sponsors to help the cost of  daily care and monthly upkeep cost. 
It will be a few months before they become adoptable, you can still inquire about adopting any of the horses.
Their riding ability evaluation will be delayed due to conditions & concerns.

Thank you and God Bless,


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April 18th 2011 to present date -
157 horses helped by IGP.

Horses adopted into loving new homes
*3 horses helped so far since January 2014

*21 Horses placed into good homes since January 2014
We currently have 24 Sanctuary Horses due to medical or Emotional issues.
Over the years we have had 20 horses returned into our program for various reasons
of these horses have been successfully readopted.

Thank you everyone for your continued support IGP can not do this with out you.
Please help us continue helping the horses by Monthly Sponsoring or Donations of any kind.
All donations can be 501 Tax Deductible


Our Newest Arrival - Teddy Bear
Teddy was saved out of a kill pen a few months ago by a lady named Julie.
Teddy came to us with some medical problems that IGP will try to help him overcome the best as possible, so that he can live a pain free life.
He is 17 yrs. old, approx. 16 hands tall,
blind in his left eye, and had some damages to his back legs from working hard as a Amish plow horse .
Dr. Carly & Dr. Williams will evaluate Teddy and see how we all can best help him
Teddy and Junior will be stall rest buddies and share the arena for turn out time

IGP would like to Thank everyone involved with Teddy's journey to us.



2 new Sanctuaries are here at IGP  hauled down from Michigan - The Humane Society asked if I could help them.
Junior is a 20 hand aged Percheron gelding who is Blind in one eye and has a bad hoof that needs cared for; with his pasture buddy Olive a little donkey.
They both will live out their days here at IGP as Sanctuaries.
Thank you Beverly Choate Villa for the use of your trailer to go pick these kids up ,
meeting the tractor trailer in the wee hours of the night at a exit off of the highway :)

Now they will have the best life ever !


Juniors foot surgery went VERY well. His recovery period will be 6-9 months, during this time, he will need monthly follow up trips to UGA for adjustments to a special shoe they had to put on him at $300 per visit plus round trip 6 hour travel time...OUCH!
After the 9 months and after his final evaluation Junior should recover 100%, no more lameness
As for his eye, it is more complicated than we thought. There are complications with lens rotation and infection deep inside of it. We are doing everything medically possible to save his eye the best we can through daily medication/treatment, but, sadly eventually it may have to be removed.
No matter what the outcome will be with his eye, he will be loved just the same, which is unconditionally by all of us here at IGP.
He will remain at UGA until this Monday January 20th.

He is a VERY Special boy and will continue as IGP's Ambassador.
Again a HUGE Thank you to all of you for your continued support for Junior and Iron Gait.

God Bless
Team IGP


ADOPTED  - Tyson - Anglo Arab approx. 17 yrs. old
Tyson came to us with a severe laceration to his right hind leg.
After extensive medical treatment he will be healed soon and able to ride.
Very quiet and sweet boy.

Meet Hooch - 5.16.13

Ga. Ag. Dept. asked me if I could help this poor kid after being seized.
He is approx. 7 yrs. old. 14.2 hands and 540 pounds. Severe rain rot. Seems in good spirits and very gentle.
I am guessing he is QH cross. Going to make someone a nice horse after he is rehabilitated. Vet coming next week for his check in to IGP.
I am sometimes just so disappointed in humans that could allow this to happen to an animal.
If you can not care for them, do the right thing and ask for help

Hoochy has made full recovery and has been Adopted

Sierra - Surrender 2/15/2013 - 16 hands TB/QH cross - Body score of 2 - 970 pounds. A very sweet mare that just needs some TLC.
Due to an untreated knee injury she can never be ridden again but will make a great companion. Very sweet and loves all the attention that you can give her.


Gordon - Rescued 8/16/2012  Quarter Horse gelding - 15.3 hands - approximately 17-20 yrs. old - we were told that his original name is Awesome - I was notified by Gordon County Animal Shelter of this poor guy needing help. So, IGP stepped in. Rated at 1. on body score. Gordon is such the character & loves all of the attention all of the time, has become a favorite of everyone here at the farm.
If you would like to help on his rehabilitation you can contact us at:

Cleo & Windy were seized by Cherokee County Animal Shelter, from an extreme neglect case.
Iron Gait was asked to help these horses regain their nutritional & medical needs.

ADOPTED - Cleo- was 1.5 on body score with a horrible laceration beside her left eye, should have required stitches at time of injury.
Also with a horrible wound on her right hind leg, both infected wounds: along with smaller lacerations all over her back and sides.

ADOPTED -Windy (below)
Windy is approximately 2.5 on body score with severe rain rot all over her back.
Both horses are now on a proper diet & getting all the medical treatment needed.

Okie- A 13.2 hand - 2 1/2 or 3 yr. old QH paint Stallion which was seized by they Ga. Ag. Dept. 6/15/12, we brought him here for vet care, rehabilitation & to find him a new loving home.
Since Okies arrival he is a body scale of about a 1- 1.5 , he has been gelded, has received all shots & coggins, he is now on a strict diet to bring him back up to weight .

UPDATE -7/18/12
In just a few short weeks. Okie is gaining weight nicely about up to a 3 now and will soon start training , after training will be available for adoption.

Okie has been adopted


I am sorry to announce that Randolph has passed on
He will be missed here dearly

Randolph - Percheron Gelding -Approximately 25 ish years old - 16 hands

Rescued from neglect at a carriage company in Atlanta. He is extremely under weight & in VERY poor health, has 3 horizontal cracks in his left hind hoof with a seeping wound, one horizontal crack in his right hind hoof, swollen sheath, rear pasterns are so swollen and cement like, and showing first stages of cushings.