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Everyone needs to know the seriousness that neglect to an animal can be!
PLEASE contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY
If you suspect or see neglect or abuse happening,
before it is to late for the animals!

Contact your State Representative and DEMAND the stiffest laws and maximum penalties to their abusers!




I am sorry to announce that Marbles is gone now to a better place...
With no for warning, he was fine yesterday & in great spirits...
All we can figure is he must of had a rupture over night .
I found him down in his stall at 7:30am November 11th, 2011.
He stood up long enough to walk out to his favorite pasture,
then went down again for his last time. At 9:30 am the vet arrived,
we decided that it was in Marbles best interest to euthanized him to put him out of pain.
He went knowing what love was once again.
Having a chance once again to roam in a large pasture,
to play again being surrounded with other horses,
I know he was happy and was content when he passed...

God Bless everyone who has helped with Marbles...


Marbles came to us as a Severely neglected boy, Infections that were unimaginable.
After a weeks worth of vet care & all of his medical needs were attended to,
was not enough to save him.

Everyone needs to know the seriousness that neglect to an animal can be!


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*Jay Jay*

Jay came to our farm November 29th, 2011, after I received a call from the Georgia Ag. Dept. about a horse needing help badly.
He was Severely neglected & under weight,
After 2 weeks worth of vet care & all of his medical needs were attended to,
was not enough to save him.

I am VERY sorry to announce and am writing this through tears...
After receiving Jay Jay in such a poor state and with a mixture of a strong heart mumur, his age & his severe malnutrition...He became to weak to support himself and to tired to try anymore...Even though we were blessed with no other major problems with him, with every thing we have tried, we just could not regain his strength. He was just to far damaged by the time he arrived here.
It was a group decision, we came to the conclusion and had to euthanize Jay at 5:30 pm December 15th, 2011...
He will be buried in our back pasture & always be here with us at Iron Gait...
God Bless his soul and may he rest in peace...He was very much loved and he knew he was loved.
Thank you everyone for your support and prayers for Jay it really meant alot to all of us here, including Jay Jay . No one could ask for more special people in their life, than all of you. Thank you for being there for everything & caring for the horses who need us most...

Denise, Eric,
Amy & David


Ellas Peach"Peaches" - Arrived 1/6/12 - Passed 1/9/12

Peaches was picked up after I received a call from Ga. Ag. Dept. ACO officer about a emaciated mare and a foal beside her . When I arrived to remove them , The owner would not release the filly to me, so only Peaches arrived at our farm.

Overnight Peaches laid down to sleep and never woke up, she went peacefully there are no signs of struggle. The only thing we can think of is it was her heart to make her pass so quickly...It was never expected! She looks like she is just sitting up sleeping with her nose to the ground. I didn't even know until I walked in talking to her and there was no response , then I touched her...
Everyone believes she died of a broken heart being taken away from her baby to abrupt.
We really need laws changed, so that the ACO's do not have to wait until it is to late to pull a horse off of someones property...
This is the most heart breaking on me, trying to save all the animals that people horrifically neglect and loosing the battle!
She will be buried next to Marbles & Jay Jay...

Wilma - Arrived 1/13/12 - Passed 2/13/12
She is one of the first 2 from the Paint herd that I saved & have to say my favorite. She is my inspiration to saving the entire herd!
I received a call from the Ga. Ag. Dept. needing help for 2 emaciated mares (Wilma & Pebbles). She came with a puncture wound, that we have been treating since her arrival. By the looks of her she was attacked by a dog or coyote, her legs had teeth wounds all over them & her body with wounds , also a punctured eye.
Wilma stayed with us from 1/13/2012 until February 13th, 2012 when she passed away unexpectedly overnight.
She has been laid to rest here at Iron Gait.

Knapp Tyme Valerie
- 24 yrs. old Percheron mare, came to IGPR from Indiana for her retirement.
Due to medical problems Val Sadly passed away, but will be forever in our hearts.
Val was Very much loved here by everyone & even was generous to give pony rides to a few people during our Open House.
She will be greatly missed.