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We Need Your Help!!!

We need to get some hay (round bales) for all the kids ...

Please help by Donating what you can and sharing with those that may help

Hay for Iron Gait PercheronsWe go through 12-14 round bales a $40 each ; gets quite expensive. Especially now that the grass is dormant, they really need their hay!

Plus 80 bags of feed per month. PLEASE pitch in to help? No donation is too small... Every penny counts when it comes to feeding these kids.
To Thank you;  with Every donation $25 or More , We will gladly send out a free IGP T shirt :)

  • Please note what color & size you would like.
  • BLACK or Royal Blue
  • M -L-XL-2XL
  • Along with your correct address to send it/them to

Thank you in advance

PLEASE we really do need the help so that we can continue to Help the Horses!
God Bless!

Iron Gait Percherons, Inc.
114 Hancock Mountain Trail
Waleska, Ga. 30183
(770) 796-2598

Welcome John Stikes to IGP

IPG Welcomes our new friend JOHN STIKES (from Full Metal Jousting) to Our Rescue Family.
He is now our Spokesperson & Affiliate :)

Thank you for wanting to help Our Rescue Horses and Our Rescue...

About John:

Jouster, Actor, Stunt Performer

You may know John Stikes from History channel's Full Metal Jousting. He has also worked in many different capacities in the entertainment field including stunts, stunt choreography, acting, as well as helped with production and casting. John spends much of his time working as the Spokesperson for Iron Gait Percherons, the goal being to rescue and save the lives of as many horses as possible. He also performed at Medieval Times for several years riding and training horses, performing high intensity fights and choreographed jousts. Keep an eye out for John Stikes because he will most certainly be involved in Full Contact Jousting in the future!

Trainer at IGP

Since we formed IGP, we have not had a specific trainer for the horses, besides the some of the volunteers working the horses. Of course, they do a WONDERFUL job. :) However, we are Happy to announce that John Stikes will be now donating his free time in training a few of the rescued Draft horses... In return and as a Thank You to John he will be using the farm to personally take on his own clients and he has generously offered a percentage to the care of the rescued horses daily care.  If you need help with a certain problem or your horse needs riding time (finished out) and want someone gentle, caring and kind working with your baby...please contact John Stikes

Recent IGP Rescues

With everyone's Help, IGP was able to save this beautiful Belgian mare from slaughter.

Cleo & Windy were seized by Cherokee County Animal Shelter, from an extreme neglect case.

Iron Gait was asked to help these horses regain their nutritional & medical needs.

Cleo A 1.5 on body score with a horrible laceration beside her left eye, should have required stitches at time of injury. 
Also with a horrible wound on her right hind leg, both infected wounds: along with smaller lacerations all over her back and sides.  
Windy (below)
Windy is approximately 2.5 on body score with severe rain rot all over her back.
Both horses are now on a proper diet & getting all the medical treatment needed.

Iron Gait has recently saved 3 Percherons from a Pennsylvania kill pen & helping a Amish Belgian also from Pennsylvania. Now we have brought them them here to Iron Gait in Georgia for a second chance of a good life. Lena and Luna a team of 20 years, arrived in horrible condition. So Bad that Lena had to be pulled off the horse trailer by all of us pitching in and put onto IV Fluids immediately. She was underweight and rated about a 0.5 on body score by the veterinarian. Approximately 600  pounds under weight.


Luna approximately 500 pounds underweight & very weak, with a lot of superficial wounds,
but able to stand on her own




Gordon was rescued by Gordon County Animal Shelter. Iron Gait was contacted to help Gordon regain his strength. He has been rated at a 1 on body score. Gordon now resides at Iron Gait receiving all of the medical, nutritional care & Love that he needs to survive.


Reconstructive Surgery for Miss Bee!

We were notified about Bee through Facebook, as soon as we saw her photo, we immediately bought her without a second thought.  We feared with this old injury she would have ended up in an auction/sale & we all know what that would have meant for her...

Miss Bee has had her Reconstructive Surgery today June 15th, 2012.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who joined in along with Iron Gait and contributed to make this possible! We couldn't have done it without YOU! 
Miss Bee now has a complete lip with also a complete nostril.  Now Bee can begin a new life & put her horrible past behind her.


The new Miss Bee - is a very sweet and gentle girl. Wonderful loving personality, follows you like a puppy. With everyone's help by contributing to her surgery cost we finally have gotten Amazing results. Thank you Dr. Hammock at Countryside Veterinary Services
for doing such a terrific job. Everyone here at Iron Gait can not thank you enough! Miss Bee has now found a forever loving home with Rev. Amy Lewis of Maryland


Georgia Paint Herd Rescue



We became aware of about a herd of Paint mares & the stallion, by the Ga. Ag. Dept. . After IGPR Rescued 2 of these horses (Pebbles & Wilma) I just couldnt leave the rest on this farm and Now Iron Gait has just saved 23 horses from a bad situation. They were part of a breeding farm operation where they were not being fed & cared for properly. There were NO horses above 3 on body score & most are possibly pregnant.
Because of all the wonderful IGPR Supporters, Iron Gait was able to provide 7 babies, 14 mares, a Donkey & a Stallion a new begining to a new way of life knowing what it means to be loved and cherished by their own family :)
I can not thank all of you enough for making all of this possible!
ALL of these horses are available for Adoption or Foster. We need help finding them a loving home and a new beginning of life.

PLEASE help us by donating ? 
towards the vet cost of shots and coggins for all of the horses, so that we can continue to help all the neglected horses in our Communities & in our State.