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We’ve just made it easier for you to support Iron Gait Percherons

Use Good Search instead of Google!
Each Search $ add's up $ in funding the Rescue Horses

We registered Iron Gait Percherons with, a company that helps non-profits like ours raise funds through the everyday actions of our supporters.

Here is how you can help:

Use GoodSearch when you search the internet – they will donate a penny to us every time you do.
Use when you shop online – they work with more than 2,500 major brands, have over 100,000 coupons and donate a percentage of every purchase you make to us.
Enroll in the they will donate up to 6% of every dollar you spend when you eat at one of 10,000 participating restaurants

Please join our community on and help us raise money for our mission. Get started by clicking the “Become a Supporter” button on our profile page at!

~Please Help Us Help The Horses~

We CAN NOT do what we do, without YOU...the help of the public. Donating or Sponsoring is super easy and it only takes a small amount to help.
Without your donation, we cannot continue to operate and help the many needing horses that truly need our help.

There is no one here at Iron Gait that receives a paycheck; we are all volunteers to the horses. 100% of all the funds go directly to the cost to properly care for the new arrivals,  horses waiting to be adopted, along with the sanctuary horses that require daily supplements and/or medical attention.

** Donations are URGENTLY needed for the new Rescue Horses.

Protein Tub at Iron Gait Percherons

Calf Manna
Rice Bran Pellets
Alfalfa Cubes
20% protein tubs
Weight Builder
Cocoa Soya

Large Flake bales of Shavings

You can Stop by (please call for an appointment) with a donation and visit the horses...
For feed donations we use Tucker Milling products Triple Crown and Purina products...

TM Solutions Total
Purina Senior
Purina Senior w/Amplify

Triple Crown Senior
Triple Crown Low Starch
Triple Crown 30% Equine Supplement


We do have an outstanding vet bills as well as an ongoing feed & hay bill.

*For our wonderful Vets at ....

Horner and Nash
255 Mcgarity Rd, Canton, GA 30115
(770) 475-6421

Our Veterinary bill is currently outstanding due to new horses coming in with much needed medical needs.
You can also Stop by (please call for an appointment) with your donation and visit the horses while you are here...
or mail a check to the address listed below:
Iron Gait Percherons, Inc.
114 Hancock Mountain Trail
Waleska, Ga. 30183
(770) 796-2598