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Iron Gait Percherons - Draft Horse Rescue
was Founded in April of 2011


In the first year and a half of our operations, Iron Gait Percherons has helped a total of 94 needing horses and has adopted out 56 of these wonderful horses into forever loving homes!

Iron Gait PercheronsIt is through a lifetime of Education, Great love & Respect for horses and understanding that we formed Iron Gait Percheron Rescue. "The first half of my life these kindhearted animals have brought into my life Love, Peace & Happiness. The rest of my life from this day forward, I want to return the favor to them by bringing Love, Peace & Happiness into their lives, as some have never in their days known or felt these three things." said Denise Polydor, Founder and President of Iron Gait Percherons.

Most drafts are only used for a purpose, let it be breeding, pulling farm equipment, carriage, etc... when their job can not be performed to the owners liking, the horses are just thrown away to the auction where most end up in the slaughter/kill pen. This is very sad, but true!

We want to try to save as many of these horses as we physically can by going to auctions and purchasing (saving) them refurbishing all their medical & nutritional needs and finding them safe, loving forever homes. Many people are not aware of how wonderful a Percheron performs as a riding companion, through our Rescue, we hope to inform the public & community of this simple & rewarding new job for these gentle giants.

Although our primary mission is focused on the Percheron & Other Draft Breeds, we would NEVER turn away any other horse in need of our help.

No one at IGP receives a salary, so your donation goes DIRECTLY to support IGP programs and care for the horses.

Iron Gait PercheronsWe are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated in rescuing Percheron draft horses and ponies that have been abused, neglected, abandoned, we work to rescue and rehabilitate Percheron draft horses from abuse, starvation, abandonment, and slaughter or those that are simply unwanted.  With the veterinary needs, feed, and care they are in need of, as well as, providing them with the love, compassion, and attention some of them have never known. As with most non-profit horse rescues, though, the number of wonderful animals we are able to rescue depends so much on our budget. With your support, in the form of a donation or sponsorship, means we can continue to grow and expand our provisions and clean housing that we provide for these horses.

With your generous help of a donation on behalf of our Percheron Draft Horse Rescue will financially help to provide excellent care for our horses, to align the organization financially and provide the best care for our horses by exercising fiscal responsibility with every Donated dollar. Also to gain efficiencies by managing expenses and optimizing resources, including Volunteers, Individual Sponsorship, Equine Foster homes and  involvement from our local community. Our vision is to rescue as many possible neglected Percheron Draft horses and provide the Care, Training, Love & Patience needed to allow for a successful adoption to their forever homes.  Once staff and volunteers have physically, mentally, and emotionally rehabilitated them, our horses either join our “community” or we will help to find them a loving new forever home of their own.

Any horse/pony that comes to Iron Gait Percheron Facility and is not adoptable due to his/her injuries, etc., WILL have a home for the rest of their life in our Community at IRON GAIT.

Please join us in our efforts and let people know that there is a need for support!

The more people we can educate about horse rescue, the more support we will have to help save these noble animals.  Many people still do not know anything about the efforts that go into a Horse Rescue.  Spread the word by telling all your friends and neighbors or add our link to your website!

Please join us on our FACEBOOK page and LIKE us. We hope that you, too, will become a supporter, become certain in opposing horse slaughter, and an advocate by reporting any incidents of Equine Abuse and Neglect to your local authorities.

Thank You!

~*~  Adopt a Percheron & Save a Ton of Spirit!  ~*~

Psalm 82:4
Rescue the weak and needy; 
Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.


Everyone needs to know the seriousness that neglect to an animal can be!  PLEASE contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY if you suspect or see neglect or abuse happening, before it is to late for the animals!