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IGP has established the following programs under which we operate:

Rescue Operations

IGP will retrieve neglected or unwanted horses from individual donations (surrenders), Agricultural Department seizures, SPCA seizures, and the feedlots or sale lots that cater to slaughterhouses.  We accept and encourage people to donate horses they cannot care for to our organization in order to prevent their sale to feed lots or auctions catering to slaughterhouses.  Quite often, this will required the collection of donations and funding to purchase and transport the horses.  We raise money for this purpose through donations and fundraising activities.  This program takes place year round and predominately in the state of Georgia, although horses are accepted from throughout the United States.

Rehabilitation and Retirement

Iron Gait PercheronsAfter the horses are rescued, IGP will provide them as much care and attention as is necessary.  Rehabilitation activities consist of the boarding and veterinary care of a horse until we determine the horse’s best potential.  A licensed veterinarian and trained farrier will properly examine and help us determine the proper duration of care for all horses.  Some horses might take longer to regain proper strength and weight before they can be rehabilitated for adoption.  Some will once again become riding pleasure horse prospects, some have show prospects, while others will simply become non-riding pets.  Due to age and temperament, some horses may simply be retired.  We will find these horses a pasture home and allow them to live the remainder of their lives freely and without harm.  We raise money for this purpose through donations and fundraising activities.  IGP accepts assistance of volunteers in the horse community, horse trainers, veterinarians, farriers, etc.  This program takes place year round, predominately in the state of Georgia.


Iron Gait PercheronsAny horse/pony that comes to IGP and is not adoptable due to his/her mental/physical health, injuries, etc., will have a home for life at IGP.  Otherwise, IGP devotes as much time as needed to find an appropriate adopter for each and every horse/pony it has that is ready for adoption.  If the examination of a horse warrants training for pleasure riding prospect, IGP will prepare the horse for adoption by a kind and loving person using natural horsemanship techniques .  IGP will screen all potential adoptive families and the facilities available for the horses. This process will also allow us the opportunity to provide those people who are committed to our mission with a wonderful companion to love and cherish.  In addition to ensuring that new homes are safe and free of hazards, new families may be checked for their knowledge of horses, including riding, basic training, training philosophy that is compatible with ours, and basic health care knowledge.  It is only through these requirements that IGP can ensure that any horse or pony it rescues and adopts is being cared for properly.  Horse adoption prices vary with the age, quality, and temperament of each horse.  This program takes place year round, predominately in the state of Georgia, although IGP will consider adopters throughout the United States.


Any horse can be expensive to maintain, especially one with special needs.  In some cases, finding a horse a forever family may take several years and some horses may never find a new home.  These retirement horses may live out their precious lives in our care.  The sponsorship program allows sponsors to choose a horse and contribute to their care and feeding.  The horse will be stabled at IGP and the sponsor is free to visit anytime.  They can also assist in the care and feeding of the horse when they wish.  Sponsors may also learn natural horsemanship skills to better communicate with their horse.  As our “Thank You” to the sponsor, their name will be acknowledged on our website Sponsors page.  Any monthly sponsorship of $100 or more contributed by an organization (materials, labor, or monetary) will receive sponsor recognition to help advertise for that business and we will add their banner and web site links to the IGP web site and also to our promotional materials.  We have links to Sponsorship subscriptions on our website and sponsors can create re-occurring monthly payments that can be cancelled at any time.  Sponsors may also send a check along with the name of the horse they wish to sponsor.  This program takes place year round, predominately in the state of Georgia, although IGP accepts sponsors from throughout the United States.

Community Outreach

Iron Gait PercheronsIGP is committed to giving back to the community.  IGP has welcomed many organized groups and volunteers to our facility to learn about and help care for the members of our herd.  We encourage visitation.  We hold bi-monthly open house events for the public offering food and music, horsemanship demonstrations and educational opportunities.  Visitors and volunteers learn about our organization and why it was founded, as well as the stories of how each of our horses "found" us.  We strive to provide knowledge about the horse industry and what a huge responsibility it is to own and care for a horse.  We are also strong advocates of Natural Horsemanship, a training technique that is based on equine communication and understanding.  In addition, IGP hopes to further educate the public on horse slaughter and reporting of incidents of Equine Abuse and Neglect to local authorities.  When requested, IGP provides advice to individuals on the emotional and physical care of their horses.  This program takes place year round, predominately in the state of Georgia, although IGP may reach out to organizations or individuals from throughout the United States.